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A protester holds up her Anti-austerity banner at Trafalgar Square.
A protestor holds up an Anti-austerity banner at Trafalgar Square on ‘Teenagers should be responsible for engaging themselves in politics, but politicians and adults, in general, need to do more too.’

The protesters converged at Downing Street and at Trafalgar Square following the Queens Speech and the official state opening of parliament.
The People's Assembly Against Austerity estimated that a few thousand people would descend on the area just outside Number 10 at 5:30pm to protest the Conservative government indicated plans to repeal the European Human Rights Act, replacing it with a British Bill of Rights.

I arrived at Westminster rather late for a 6 pm start demonstration but was keen to try and make something out of the evening. By the time I got to Whitehall, various groups of demonstrators were heading in different directions to avoid been followed. Followed a group to the gates at Downing Street and then finally at Trafalgar Square where a rally of sorts was quickly assembled. It's from here that I got my shots for the day, focusing more on the placards with large words on them.

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