Welcome to the visual showcase of freelance Kenyan photojournalist/ digital graphic artist David Mbiyu.
David is a self-taught photojournalist with a passion for travelling and new media design.

David studied Creative Computer Graphics and Commercial Graphic Design in London and Nairobi respectively before starting out his career in print publishing, working several years on the weekly news West Africa magazine. He founded and designed and produced the first EastAfrican newspaper, a first for the Kenyan diaspora in London before setting up Sixoone Media. This was followed by production of the six-part music show ‘TEAM’ aka The Music of East Africa which aired severally on Sky Channel 175 (Ben TV) as well as one of the first interview with Kenayn photographer Boniface Mwangi.

Amongst David’s accomplishments, was documentation of two Kenya election, a medical mission in River State in Nigeria and several demonstrations leading up to the Arab Spring in London and the Black Lives Matter movement in London. Some of the images from this period were sold via Getty Images ( Corbis Collection), AFP, Alamy and showcased on Flickr.

David‘s love for travel has seen him in Vietnam, Spain, Nigeria, Norway, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Portugal, Kenya, Brazil, India, Cambodia just to mention a few.

His photographic work has been published by The Guardian, Evening Standard, Newsweek, Cambridge University Press, The Daily Mail, FranceTVinfo, Thomson Reuters, Svenska Dagbladet, Spiegel,  The New Yorker, Bloomberg, to mention but a few. Some of his work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Kenya (Nairobi), London (E7 Arts) and at the South Africa (Joburg Fringe).

David’s images can be purchased via NewZulu, Alamy, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and AFP.